Outer Banks (OBX) Sand Fence

Sand fencing on the Outer Banks is an effective way to build sand dunes to help protect your property form tidal storm surge damage. Dune erosion on the Outer Banks of North Carolina occurs when higher than normal tides erode the base of a sand dune and washes the sand out to sea. This can leave you property unprotected and vulnerable to ocean waters. When properly installed, a sand fence helps build dunes by trapping wind-blown sand and is an environmentally friendly way to encourage the preservation of sand dunes along the Outer Banks. A sand fence works well for beach preservation and dune restoration by increasing the size of the dune naturally. 

We install sand fencing in the Outer Banks according to the following guidelines:

  • The sand fence must be no taller than 5 feet and built from evenly spaced thin wooden vertical slats connected with twisted wire.

  • The sand fence must be placed as far landward as possible to avoid interference with sea turtle nesting, public access and use of the beach. It must not be placed on the wet-sand beach.

  • If the sand fence is to be placed parallel to the shoreline, it must not be located waterward of the crest of the frontal or primary dune.

  • If sand fencing is to be placed waterward of the crest of the dune, it must be installed at a 45-degree or greater angle to the shoreline. Each section of sand fence must not be longer than 10 feet, and sections must be spaced at least 7 feet apart.

  • Sand fencing must not extend more than 10 feet beyond either the first line of stable natural vegetation, the toe of the frontal or primary dune, or the erosion escarpment of the dune, whichever is closest to the water.

Outer Banks sand fencing to be placed along public accesses may be as long as the access, and may include a 45-degree funnel on the waterward end. The funnel may extend up to 10 feet beyond the end of the access.

For information about sand fencing on the Outer Banks of North Carolina or a price quote, please email obxsandfence@embarqmail.com


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